Film and writing prize winners announced

  • Jul. 12, 2010 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Fran Fowler-The winners of the inaugural three-minute film contest “Looking for Adventure” shown on Hospital Day 2010 were first prize Jordie Laidlaw, with a rollicking montage of things to do on this island; tied for second was the joint entry by Peter Moore and Daniel Arndt of an adventuring mouse and Luke Borserio’s clips of water adventures.The range of films was broad, from a terrific fantasy production; a filmed skit -life is an adventure, just getting up; story telling of a hair-raising hike from the west coast into Masset Inlet, and visuals of traveling to and seeing the islands with original music, as well as a personal around the world travelogue.Northwest Community College generously provided their space and equipment as the theatre and each $1 ticket sold gave the holder three votes. Hospital Day earned $101 and indeed entertained lots of people and hopefully inspired more film makers for next year.Also shown as short shorts were the stop-motion animation workshop films from this year’s Haida Gwaii Film Festival. Thanks to those film makers as well.The theme for next year isn’t quite decided but it is expected that a choice of several topics will be sent to those who participated this year in order to choose 2011’s theme.Special thanks to the filmmakers and support teams: Jordie Laidlaw, Peter Moore, Daniel Arndt, Luke Borserio; Peter McPhee; Shantal Bateham, John Thomas, Donnette Farrell, Ramana, and Fran Fowler. Additional thanks to the sponsors and organizers: Marnie Smith, Donnette Farrell and Fran Fowler. Start taking footage now so you will be ready for next year’s three-minute film contest. For more info contact Donnette at 559-4734. The Fraser Ellis Writing Contest has announced its list of winners and cheques are in the mail. The challenge this year was to write 1,000 words or less about a living islander.Here are some excerpts. See if you can figure out who they are about.” . walked down the ice pebble path to her coffee shop, the world was still dark. Through her wind-tossed red curls she could make out a tall silhouette outside her door. As she got closer she could see that the figure was painted red and white.” by A. Gear”I grew up with Mr. Dressup whom I watched on TV regularly but now I have found my very own ‘Mrs. Dressup of Skidegate’.” by B. Favreau”. he was unable to make a living climbing and began to take on more work as a tree faller, specializing in cleaning the trees off the steep coastal rock faces with the help of rope and a chainsaw.” by H. RamsayCongratulations to Heather Ramsay, writing about Adolf Bitterlich; Beng Favreau, writing about Delores Davis; and Alison Gear, writing about Mike Meegan’s Santa, as the adult winners of the 2010 Fraser Ellis writing contest and special thanks for saving these stories of our Islands and the “people” who live here; and of course those who shared their personal stories.We also had two junior winners – congratulations go to Elin Hilgemann and Ursa Fox. Perhaps you can figure out who their Islanders are.”. we started a club! The club is for a good cause such as buying malaria nets ..””. the Doctors could not do much so they ended up removing the top half of her pinky .”Thanks to all those who participated and we hope that you will be able to read your entries publicly later in the year.