Fisheries has new boat

  • Feb. 28, 2003 8:00 p.m.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (FOC) has a new $210,000 boat, the Tartu Point, patrolling islands waters.

Based in Queen Charlotte, the vessel will patrol fisheries around the islands as well as helping other FOC programs like research and search/rescue operations. It can also assist other agencies like the coast guard, RCMP and conservation, says FOC Field Supervisor Ray Sjolund.

The boat is a 30 foot rigid hull inflatable Zodiac Hurricane 920 with twin 250 hp Mercury engines. To help with law enforcement, it has sonar and an underwater camera to detect anything illegal that might have been discarded. Inside, it’s equipped with modern electronics including a laptop computer with GPS, a SAT phone, 2 VHF radios, radar, a loud hailer and 2 echo sounders. The cabin holds four officers. Cruising speed is 35 knots although it can go faster. At this speed, it uses 150 litres of gas per hour with a range of 250 miles, although it can go further if necessary.

The Tartu Point is a standard model used by fisheries as well as the Canadian and US military. The vessel was developed and produced in Canada over the last ten years, and is used on all Canadian coastlines by FOC for law enforcement. FOC also uses a smaller version, one of which is posted in Masset, says Mr. Sjolund.

sWhen not in use, Mr. Sjolund says, the boat is pulled out of water, serviced and stored in a locked warehouse. It is one of three rigid hulled inflatables fisheries uses to patrol islands waters year round.