• Sep. 16, 2013 6:00 p.m.

submitted article-Not the stranger in the trench coat standing alongside the road, the kind we are thinking about are flat, shiny, various colors and spin in the water. They are usually attached to a fishing line and have an enticing lure that is hoped will get a big Coho to bite. Yes, it is time for the Sandspit Rod and Gun Clubs 60th Annual Coho Derby. The action starts this Saturday, Sept. 21 and ends on Sunday, Oct. 13t. This is four consecutive weekends (Sat. and Sun.) of fishing competition with coho being the target fish. The weigh-in is at the Copper Bay Shack and the scales are open till 8 pm each day. The derby area includes Skidegate Inlet from Jakes Landing East to Lawn Point and South to Grey Point to the middle of Hecate Strait. This annual event is geared up to provide anglers all the usual items of the derby. Islanders, non-residents, all ages and genders are invited to come out and try their luck. There are categories for all anglers and each weekend is a mini-derby. Of course the ‘braggin’ rights’ go to the big coho of the derby. A derby ticket ($25) is required if you are going to fish for a top ten spot and must be purchased before you fish. Tickets are available at SuperValu, Bridgeview Marine, Meegan’s and the Copper Bay shack. The juniors category is for kids 15 years and younger and does not require a ticket to be eligible for competition. We hope this category encourages parents and kids to participate. Ray K. is once again the chef-weigh master at Copper Bay (the shack). He will weigh your coho in Sat. and Sun. till 8 pm when the scales and the shack close. He promises to offer his sourdough pancakes and egg breakfast on Sunday mornings starting at 8 am. Then through the day hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. will be available. Copper Bay is the fishing and social centre for the weekends, Sept. 21-Oct. 13. Do come to see how the anglers and the top ten are doing and enjoy some of the good stuff from the shack. Volunteers around the shack are always welcome and needed (see Ray or Elaine). Volunteers are those folks that make these Islands and this event so successful and enjoyable. Tidal Fishing regulations apply and only Coho caught within the boundaries are derby eligible. For those of you who think and talk about the ‘braggin’ rights’ that go with the big coho, now is the time to perform. Good luck and have a safe and enjoyable derby.