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Food and agriculture plan initiatives for RDBN

RDBN creating podcast; video series to provide education on rural living
Two new initiatives are set to be implemented as part of phase one of the RDBN’s food and agriculture plan. (Eddie Huband photo/Lakes District News)

Regional agriculture coordinators for the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN) are working to develop outreach initiatives to address two specific priority areas within the RDBN’s food and agriculture plan.

The RDBN is currently in phase one of the plan, which was put together in 2020, and consists of eight priority areas to be completed by 2023. The two areas being addressed by the outreach program are supporting producers in navigating government policies, and engaging a broad audience in food and agriculture activities and information.

Megan D’Arcy and Michelle Roberge, two agriculture coordinators for the RDBN, presented two new initiatives for the outreach program to the RDBN committee in a meeting on Oct. 7, which are in the process of being implemented. The goal of the initiatives are to disseminate relevant information about aspects of agriculture operation as well as basic knowledge for living in rural areas within the regional district.

The first initiative is a podcast series set to be piloted this fall. The project involves a partnership with CICK radio in Smithers to handle production components such as audio recording and editing. The RDBN agriculture coordinators will host the podcast, and will also bring on local experts for various topics of discussion. Some of the topics will include understanding various Acts and by-laws related to agriculture, fundamentals about fences and bee keeping.

The podcast series will include six or seven episodes, each being 35-45 minutes in length. They’ll be shared via CICK, as well as the RDBN website and social media accounts.

If the podcast is a success, the RDBN will look at expanding the series next year to possibly incorporate other departments.

The second initiative being implemented is a video series of the top 10 things to know about living in the RDBN area. This project will require grant funding for production, and would theoretically take place next spring or summer according to D’Arcy. The videos will include walk-throughs that outline the do’s and don’ts of living in a rural area. In addition, a plan is in place to develop print and digital content of the top 10 points to be shared with various businesses in the community to be distributed to people that are considering rural living.

Both initiatives were well received by the committee, especially the podcast, which was unanimously called a great idea by everyone present at the meeting.

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