Food security activist to visit islands

  • Sep. 20, 2010 6:00 a.m.

Submitted by Sara Eaton-Next week, Cathleen Kneen will be visiting the islands and trying to meet with as many folk who are interested in sustainability and agriculture as she is able. She will be speaking in Queen Charlotte and to a group in Tlell and hopes to meet with Haida groups interested in food security. Her visit is being supported by the Farmers’ Institute and Islands’ Food.Cathleen Kneen is well known in growing circles both in BC and across the country. She has farmed extensively and her true love is sheep farming. As well she was instrumental in encouraging local BC communities to develop local food security and policy groups. In central BC she worked with First Nations women around pregnancy and healthy food. This work culminated with the foundation BC Food Systems Network with Cathleen as coordinator. She was also one of the founders of Food Secure Canada/Securite Alimentaire Canada in 2006. Now she chairs this organization from a new home (and huge garden) in Ottawa where she and her partner Brewster are closer to lobbying opportunities.Cathleen is also one of the chief movers of the People’s Food Policy Project, a new organization that is mobilizing grassroots organization to build a food system based on social equity.Brewster’s books, Farmageddon and From Land to Mouth, are well known to the counter industrial-agriculture communities across North America. Together Brewster and Cathleen create and edit The Ramshorn, a monthly newsletter with stories and analysis of what is happening in the food system, locally and globally. (All of these references can be googled).Cathleen will be speaking in Queen Charlotte on Wednesday evening, Sept. 29, location to be announced. Please watch for posters about town. Anyone interested in local food, food security, the safety of what we eat and the global picture is invited to attend.