Forests Minister visits Queen Charlotte, hears islanders

  • Jan. 24, 2003 6:00 p.m.

Forests Minister Mike de Jong heard first-hand Friday about how some of the province’s new forests policies will affect rural communities, at a meeting with islands politicians in Queen Charlotte.
Mr. de Jong flew to the islands Friday morning and left early Friday afternoon. He met with several local representatives including Port Clements mayor Dale Lore, who is extremely concerned about the upcoming changes to the small business program.
“I understand that there is the concern that timber sales be offered in a way that local operators can take advantage of them,” Mr. de Jong told the Observer. “I’m glad I received first hand those expressions of concern.”
Mr. de Jong said Mr. Lore will be participating in meetings around forestry issues with the Union of BC Municipalities. And he said that the local forest service office in Queen Charlotte will continue to have seven people working in the timber sale program who can ensure that some local concerns are met.
“The point is we have to take account of unique local circumstances, and that submission was made forcefully today,” he said.