Formation of south island response team

  • Apr. 19, 2010 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by the Haida Gwaii Men’s Group–The Haida Gwaii Men’s Group is forming a response team to assist island residents in genuine need. A significant number of residents/families here are living on incomes that are insufficient. As well, they are physically unable to do the basic upkeep. The response team will assist wherever needed, based on referrals from organizations or individuals. The Men’s Group is appealing to the people of Skidegate and Queen Charlotte to volunteer a small amount of their time, periodically, for this much-needed service. Volunteers from any background with or without experience are welcome; male or female, younger or more senior. Volunteer trades people will act as consultants to assure quality results. The types of projects involved are of a great variety, ranging from lawn maintenance, firewood cutting and splitting to various odd-jobs. Tools and funding will be provided where needed. The project and volunteer coordinators will ensure professional organization with smaller, periodical workloads for the volunteers. Come and participate in a selfless, cooperative, non-stressful venture that offers the opportunity to interact with different people in a different way. Also, we urge the people of Queen Charlotte and Skidegate to call the team for assistance for themselves or for a neighbour. Please call 559-7800 to leave your name, phone number and purpose for the call.Thank you, Haaw’a!