Former administrator threatens suit, asks for fair hearing

  • Nov. 18, 2009 12:00 p.m.

Eunice Ludlow, the former administrator of the village of Queen Charlotte, plans to pursue legal action against the mayor and council over her termination unless she is reinstated and gets a fair hearing. Ms Ludlow’s lawyer, Sebastien Anderson of Victory Square Law Office in Vancouver, wrote to the village Monday on Ms Ludlow’s behalf, asking that the matter be settled in a timely way, or if not, he’d purse it in the courts. “I am telling them that they did not follow procedural fairness in their termination process.I am entitled to be reinstated forthwith with full compensation until I can be provided with a fair hearing by an unbiased decision maker in accordance with the rules of natural justice”, Ms Ludlow told the Observer Tuesday. Ms Ludlow was terminated by the village October 19 as Chief Administrative Officer, after working there for almost a year. She says the hearing she had with council that resulted in her termination was unfair, because at least one member had decided beforehand to end her employment. The village has already agreed to pay Ms Ludlow $47,151 as per its agreement with her, and is also consulting with a lawyer over the matter. Ms Ludlow said she hasn’t thought about financial recompense. “I actually do not have a dollar figure in mind.I guess I think that there should be some recompense for the fact that I was fired for no cause,” Ms Ludlow said, “I was fired for doing my job, actually, which the mayor didn’t like.”