Four-day fast starts Wednesday

  • May. 1, 2006 12:00 p.m.

Submitted by Marsha Forrest-“Sitting together in strength” is what a group of determined islanders will be doing this week at Dead Tree Longhouse, as they fast for four days.
The focus is to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse throughout Haida Gwaii. There are so many families who are affected by this and it continues to take its toll in all of our communities. There is particular concern for the youth, as they are vulnerable and yet they represent the precious future. There will be information pamphlets on hand.
On Wednesday, May 3, at noon, the ceremonial fire will be lit and continue to burn for the full four days, closing on Sunday at noon. Following this, at 1 pm, everyone is welcome to attend the potluck to help celebrate the end of the fasting.
Over the four days, you are invited to come by to show support for the group and offer your good thoughts and prayers either on site by the fire or wherever you may be. Notify others of this effort, so they can also send their support which will give strength to those who are fasting. You may bring offerings such as tobacco, dry cedar, sweetgrass or other natural medicines that can be added to the fire.
We ask that parking closest to the longhouse be reserved for the elders. We hope to see you there in unity and strength!