Fun and games coming

  • Feb. 11, 2013 10:00 a.m.

Submitted Skidegate Senior Games Committee–Skidegate is hosting the 2013 Senior Games – the date is set, the meal is booked, invitations are out (if you missed yours, here it is; if you are over 50, you are invited to participate at the 8th All Island Senior Games, 10:00-4:00 in Skidegate’s George Brown Center, on April 6! The sports are being confirmed, as we need someone who will take on only two hours of a sport so the seniors get to play. We are looking for volunteers of any age. We think we can still squeeze in a couple of extra sports so let Pearle Pearson (559-4514) know if you have an idea or want to help us out. Medals are always a challenge to the organizing group to have something different; thanks to Dolores Davis that too, is in hand.We have a team that will be heading out soon to each community to “demo” some of the sports and answer questions etc. Activities are: cake and/or dessert baking; bocce*; carpet bowling*; Mexican train; bananagrams; cribbage*; doxineye/laughing game; free throw basketball; carpet boules; scavenger hunt; musical chairs; backgammon; and ??? We will have a full schedule of games between 10:00 and noon then lunch and another set of games 1:00-3:00 then the last hour will be for “special” events and medals?*starred games are those in the provincial BC Senior Games, Kamloops in August. These have been fun events everywhere they are held. This year we are asking the seniors’ clubs to arrange for all their members/seniors to get there as in the past, the arranged buses haven’t been used enough to warrant the cost. This year we have moved the date to April anticipating better weather for driving. For those arriving early we hope to have muffins and coffee available. Last but not least we will have a loonie auction both for our entertainment and to offset some of our prize costs. So it would be wonderful if each community could bring a basket, we have the Loonie Lady Extraordinaire running this event.If you have any suggestions, advice, or time to spare please contact Dolores Davis (559-8369). Our next planning meeting will be mid-February and we would love your input. Alternate numbers 559-4209/4691.Some photos from previous years can be viewed at