Fun for all at Sandspit’s trout derby

  • May. 22, 2006 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Jim Henry-The Sandspit Rod & Gun Club’s annual Mosquito Lake Trout Derby was held Sunday, May 21 to the enjoyment of fisher-kids and guides (parents). The weather was a bit breezy and brisk but nothing to stop the enthusiastic participants. About 50 determined fisher-kids and parents camped out or joined us at the lake.
Every Derby has its stories and no exception this year. The best one has a fisher-kid losing his lure and then fishing the same area several hours later and catching a nice fish. As the guide (mom) was taking the fish off the hook – lo and behold guess what else was in the trout’s mouth -the lost lure. All in all a successful and safe Derby with promises by some of the land ‘lasses’ to help with next year’s Derby – Yeah!

This years winners;
Biggest Fish David Putterill 3# 10 oz.
Under 6 Christine Salanski 1# 00 oz.
6 & 7 years Keiana Diebold 3# 01 oz.
8 & 9 years Tia Zoney 2# 12 oz.
10 & 11 years Kelsey Jacquard 0# 08 oz.
12 & 15 years Sam Mc Donald 1# 08 oz.
16 & over Rae Bolam 2# 03 oz.

Thanks to all those who participated and special thanks to Christine Wagenstein, Berta Wagenstein and Gail Henry.