G.M. Dawson grad is Saturday

  • Jun. 22, 2007 1:00 p.m.

This year’s graduates from George M. Dawson in Masset are an academic bunch said Anita Turner, grad teacher sponsor.
She says half have marks ranking in the top five percent for the school. Medicine, physical science and a career in the trades are just some of the goals of this year’s class.
To celebrate their achievements, the grads will take themselves out to a class dinner at Pearl’s after an evening of graduation ceremonies on June 23.
Ms Turner says the class raised some money in Grade 7 that was never spent and will use this to help them celebrate in style. They also received dry grad funding from the BC Liquor Stores.
Before the dinner, there will be a ceremony held at 5 pm in the gymnasium at George M. Dawson. During the event, guests will be treated to a video presentation, including baby pictures of the class of 22.
Then the grand march begins and each student will be introduced in their splendour, decked out in long flowing gowns and crisp suits.
A tea with parents follows and then the grads are on their own for dinner.
Ms Turner says this year’s group are “awesome grads.” “They have good heads on their shoulders,” she says.

G.M. Dawson Secondary School
Graduating June 23, 2007

Julia Andersen
Katelyn Byberg
Jordan Camp
Kiefer Collison
Zachary Collison
Desiree Davis
Latasha Grosse
Jacob Hillier
Nathan Jarvis
Jaylene Jones-Russ
Leigh Anna Marks
Trish McLeod
Chantel Russell-Cress
Teresa Smith
Kyle Stonehouse
Kylie Thorgeirson
Christine Waring
Jesse Williams
Rollie Williams
Kayla Wilson
Yao Yao Yan