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Gary Coons in for second term

Gary Coons will represent the North Coast riding for the next legislative term, after sweeping the polls in Tuesday's election.Results started trickling in at about 8:30 pm, and the NDP candidate, MLA since 2005, showed support above 50 percent of the vote, poll after poll after poll.By shortly after 10:30 pm, the math was clear, there weren't enough uncounted votes left for Liberal challenger Herb Pond to take the lead.Mr. Coons has represented the riding since 2005, and served as his party's Ferries critic.He started celebrating his second victory at the polls around 10:00 pm, when his results showed he was very likely to win.The MLA-elect was not available for comment as his celebration started, but told the Observer earlier Tuesday evening that he was happy with the campaign."We campaigned hard., we took the issues to the doorstep," Mr. Coons said. "I'm pretty thrilled, we've had dozens and dozens if not hundreds of volunteers working here every day for the past 28 days."Liberal candidate Herb Pond went to Fisherman's Hall in Prince Rupert to congratulate Gary Coons on his re-election.Speaking to the Observer at 10:45 pm, Mr. Pond said it would be "astonishing" if the last ballot boxesto be counted changed the result."I am disappointed but I'm celebrating a good campaign here," he said. "I think the voters have made their choice and I always honour and respect what the voters choose."Mr. Pond said he had no idea what he might do in the future now that the campaign is over, beyond some housework.Green candidate Lisa Girbav was happy with her first showing in the polls. The 19 year old political would-be told us she was feeing great, and that her support, at around 7.6 percent, was better than the Green's did provincially.Ms Girbav said she made an effort to get younger voters out to the polls and thinks that might have something to do with the result."I really tried to stand out at the all-candidate forums we had at the high schools," she said from her home in Prince Rupert. "I think I got a lot of young voters out thistime." Ms Girbav said she enjoyed being a candidate and will definitely consider running again.