Gary Coons still in the lead

  • May. 17, 2005 7:00 a.m.

It’s too early to call a winner, but NDP candidate Gary Coons has been ahead of incumbent Bill Belsey since 9 pm, and has been staying ahead as new polls are counted.
Just after 9:30 pm, with 35 out of 80 polls reporting, Mr. Coons had 1,918 votes, or 48-percent of those counted, and Mr. Belsey had 1,774, or 45-percent.
Just before 9:30 pm, with 30 out of 82 polls reporting, Mr. Coons had 1,581 votes to Mr. Belsey’s 1,436. That translated to just under 49-percent for Mr. Coons and 44-percent for Mr. Belsey.
Many more polls will report by 10 pm and at that point it should be clear who the winner is.
Green Party candidate Hondo Arendt is polling about 5-percent while Marijuana Party candidate David Johns is trailing with about 2-percent.
Mr. Belsey was elected in 2001 by only 831 votes; his riding was not considered safe by the Liberals prior to this election.
We’ll have comments from as many candidates as possible before the night is over.