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Glasman new MIMC chair

The Moresby Island Management Committee has four new faces and, after its inaugural meeting, a new chair, Travis Glasman.After the seven members swore their oaths of office, the first item on the committee's first agenda at their Dec. 10 meeting in Sandspit, was choosing a chair.Before getting started, Gwaii Trust representative Warren Foster said he wanted to clarify who was eligible to become chair.He said that discussion had been swirling around the community, insinuating that neither he as the Gwaii Trust representative on MIMC, nor the regional district representative (Mr. Glasman), were able to vie for the job.But, he explained, people holding both committee positions have been chair in the past."Everyone is eligible and the precedent has been set," he said.Mr. Foster also said the task of choosing a chair should not be left until January as per the MIMC bylaw, as that would leave the committee's secretary Emmy O'Gorman with no one to report to for the month. After it was agreed that a chair would be chosen immediately, Regional District administrator John Holland, who was at the meeting, he called for nominations for chair. Committee member Robert Chisholm nominated Gord Usher and Don McNeice nominated Travis Glasman.After a secret ballot, in which all seven members (Mr. Chisholm, Mr. McNeice, Mandy Wesley, Bente Sutherland, Mr. Usher, Mr. Glasman and Mr. Foster) of the committee voted, Mr. Glasman was named chair.Mr. Glasman said he put forward his name to allow the new members of the committee to get their feet wet and to provide continuity with the past chair. All members, except Mr. Usher who was an alternate during the previous MIMC term, have never been involved with MIMC before."I want to allow people to settle in and then see if someone wants to take on the role," said Mr. Glasman.The committee agreed to call for nominations for a vice chair. Mr. Usher's name was put forward, as was Ms Wesley's. Ms Wesley declined the nomination, and Mr. Usher was given the role.

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