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Good catches all around this year, says fisheries

Recreational and commercial fishermen are catching lots of crab, halibut and salmon this year.
David Einerson, Area Chief of Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Prince Rupert office says the department's conservative fish management strategy is paying off in good catches for all fisheries this year. The weather has also cooperated, allowing fishermen to get out on the water.
So far the troll boats have caught 113,000 Chinook salmon, with another opening coming in early September to catch the remaining 30,000 of this year's quota. The trollers have been catching coho and pink salmon since August 1. Approximately 70 troll boats are operating around the islands right now.
The chum salmon fishery will begin in September, with gillnet boats going out Sept. 7 and seine boats beginning Sept. 29.
The recreational fishery is also enjoying a good season, and Mr. Einerson anticipates about 50,000 Chinook will be caught this year, compared to 47,000 last season. The recreational season began mid-May and will continue until mid-September.
The majority of fish are being caught on the north and west of Graham Island, says Mr. Einerson.