Good news for Sandspit

  • Nov. 12, 2010 8:00 a.m.

Logger Sports Day in Sandspit will be partially funded by Gwaii Trust this year. The Moresby Island Management Committee applied for a maximum of $3,312 from the Culture as it Relates to Tourism fund and received word on Nov. 5 that the request was successful. The Gwaii Trust board requested further documentation from MIMC, including proof of forthcoming donations and a quote for running the event. MIMC chair Evan Putterill wrote back to explain that the event has historically been run by volunteers with support from logging contractors. The budget was prepared based on historic needs, rather than a proper quote. To ensure the money is matched, MIMC has agreed to guarantee that community donations will match the funded amount. “For many years the event did not require funding and was organized by a dedicated group of loggers with the support of logging companies and contractors,” Mr. Putterill wrote. Due to the difficult times in the industry, he said, contractors are not able to provide fuel and take time off work, although they do still provide significant financial support.