Graduation rate better, but still not good enough

  • Dec. 22, 2010 7:00 a.m.

The graduation rate in islands schools is getting better, but it’s still unacceptably low, Superintendent of Schools Angus Wilson told the school board when it met in Queen Charlotte Dec. 14.”The positive news is the last three years running our graduation rate has improved,” Mr. Wilson said, “Our disparity female to male is just about negligible”. He also said “we continue to graduate more students and more students on the regular Dogwood. Those numbers continue to go up year after year.”His written report also noted that the district’s aboriginal graduation rate continues to be above the provincial average, while cautioning that enrolment is so low that data can fluctuate significantly.Statistics included in the report provide “.good evidence that we are on the way with our Achievement Contract,” the report says, “Our.contract has just one goal, to increase the School Completion Rate for all our students.”The school district has graduated 50 or more students each year over the last five years, with the exception of 2006/07 when only 37 graduated.But all is not rosy, according to Mr. Wilson. “The big issue is the graduation rate is still not acceptable. That we have four out of ten students not completing high school is simply not acceptable and it is an area that we have to continue to focus on,” he said.