Grouse being researched

  • Sep. 11, 2013 6:00 a.m.

submitted article–The Sooty Grouse is the only grouse on Haida Gwaii, and genetic studies show that as with many island species, it has been isolated from mainland populations for thousands of years. This bird was probably once abundant, and through a partnership between government and the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, the goal of an ongoing monitoring and research project is to try to see if we can increase the numbers of birds across the islands. This would allow the birds to once again fulfill its role as a dominant species within the island ecosystem. As part of this grouse research many birds have been radio tagged, and with the opening of the hunting season we expect that some radioed grouse will be harvested. If you do harvest a radio tagged bird please call Berry Wijdeven at 557-4709 and we will pick up the radio for reuse on other birds. Any information on the date, location of harvest, number of birds seen will be kept confidential and the information used to map habitat use, and dispersal distances of young birds.