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Grow and Gather recipe of the week

Submitted by Sara Eaton for Islands FoodRhubarb wine (makes 30 750ml bottles)20 L thawed rhubarb (freeze for at least 1 week)20 L hot tap water2 tsp acid blend6 campden tablets crushed6 kg sugar1 1/2 tsp grape tanninMix all ingredients well in a five gallon bucket (primary fermenter). Ensure the temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the following: 2 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme (stir into the bucket)2 or 3 packets of wine yeast (just sprinkle on top of the wine)All ingredients/supplies other than the fruit, sugar, and water are available at your local U-Brew.Cover the wine with a lid or towel. Set your bucket in the warmest place in your house or use a heating pad under the wine to maintain the 75 degree temp. After one day of letting the wine rest, stir the wine once a day for 1 month.Using a colander and cheese cloth, strain the wine from the fruit and put the strained wine in a fresh bucket with a lid or a wine carboy with an air lock (you can top up the carboy with water). Throw the sludge from the bottom of your primary fermenter into your compost or give it to the chickens/pigs.At this point, move the wine to a cool dark place (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) . (Sunlight can make your wine turn brown.) Place the wine up on a table or counter so when you rack the wine in a month you don't have to disturb the sediment on the bottom.Rack (siphon) your wine from one container to another once every month for four months or until there's no more sediment left on the bottom of the carboy. Then bottle and store in a cool dark place for a year. Some wines, like this rhubarb one, will probably be gone long before the bottles make it to the cool dark place! But if you are able to resist and let it age you will be rewarded with an amazing nectar well worth the wait!Tips: Ensure all items that touch the wine, spoons, thermometer, bucket, bottles, etc. are sterilized with bleach.You can buy shrink wraps or labels at the U-Brew to put the finishing touch on your wine for a great gift.

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