Guatemala relief needed following Hurricane Stan

  • Oct. 10, 2005 12:00 p.m.

Submitted by Marsha Forrest–Many Guatemalan communities have been cut off from the outside world for nearly a week, after Hurricane Stan brought torrential rains that created massive mudslides and flooding. The death toll continues to rise with unknown numbers missing. One of the hardest hit areas was in the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan, which is a popular tourist destination.
Three islanders are scheduled to go to Guatemala October 24. They are to attend an event that is sponsored by the Mayan Elders called The Council for Peaceful Alliances between Sovereign Nations and Organizations. A Mayan Elder stated that “alliances are the last things that exist as the hope of humanity”. This event is scheduled to take place in the community of Santiago Atitlan, situated on Lake Atitlan.
This community suffered a mudslide that was half a mile wide and six to nine meters deep. There are 1,500 confirmed dead with twice that number missing. The disaster has pulled the survivors and larger community together, with Santiago Atitlan the site of coordinating emergency relief efforts in this area.
How can you help? An account for The Guatemala Relief Fund has been set up at the credit union and you can make donations there. Even the smallest donation will help. Start a collection at your place of work or meetings that you attend. Marsha Forrest is coordinating the relief fund and has been told by Erick Gonzalez (Mayan Spiritual Guide and Healer who has visited Haida Gwaii and is known to many) that the funds will be used to provide basic first aid supplies, food, drinking water, clothing and shelter. This area in Guatemala is where Erick comes from and the funds will be directed to those most in need. For further information, contact Marsha at 559-8375.