“Guiding Circles” comes to Haida Gwaii

  • Apr. 30, 2004 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Bobbi Parnell-In February, the Haida Gwaii Community Futures Career Development Centre was proud to bring to Haida Gwaii a Guiding Circles Train The Trainer Session.
“Guiding Circles: An Aboriginal Guide to Finding Career Paths” is a resource developed by The Aboriginal Human Resource Development Council of Canada, a national organization whose goal is to increase aboriginal participation in Canadian labour markets.
Guiding Circles is a self-exploration package that combines traditional teachings with sound contemporary career development exercises to arrive at a better understanding of one’s self in terms of possible career goals. Guiding Circles is a holistic approach that invites input from community members, parents, teachers, elders, peers, etc. to provide additional feedback toward an individual’s skills and goals to complete the career circle. It is applicable to all ages and cultures.
Attending this two-day training session held in Skidegate were 22 people from throughout Haida Gwaii. Local employment counsellors, as well as two from Prince Rupert, representatives from Old Massett Education Department, Skidegate Social Development Office, Community Futures Business Counselling and Loans, and 12 students from the NWCC Social Service Worker Certificate Program.
This training opportunity would not have been as successful without the financial support of the Gwaii Trust Society which not only contributed 50% of the overall cost for local participants, but also funded an Enhancement Program which the NWCC students could access to cover their portion of the fee.
Two participants of this training session are already applying their knowledge and skills within the community: Hope Setso facilitated a two-day Guiding Circles Workshop in Old Masset to 13 participants who are considering trades training. Another participant, Jana McLeod, will be working with students in Career and Personal Planning (CAPP) classes at G.M. Dawson Secondary School utilizing Guiding Circles. Keep up the great work!
We were fortunate to have such high quality training brought locally. Kathy Pick, Employment Counsellor, was key in bringing this training to Haida Gwaii. If you would like to benefit from Guiding Circles please contact the Career Development Centre for an appointment or we can direct you to other trained individuals.