Gumboot Girls reprinted

  • Jan. 18, 2013 4:00 p.m.

The Gumboot Girls book has gone into a second printing faster than expected.The book features stories of women on the north coast during the 1970s and features several islanders, including QC mayor Carol Kulesha and Su-San Brown of Tlell. It was launched at the Queen Charlotte Visitors’ centre in November.The book is published by Muskeg Press of Prince Rupert. Owner of Muskeg Press, Chris Armstrong, said the book was 100 copies from being sold out with a week and a half of the launch. He said he wasn’t surprised that he needed to reprint the book, just that he needed to do it so soon, “I thought February probably.”The book sold out at Funk It within two days of the book launch said store manager Julie Robinson, “Everyone loves it, they think it’s great. People are buying them as gifts for people who don’t even live here.” Ms Robinson added that the new stock of the book is in at Funk It for people who missed it the first time.The book has not just sold well on Haida Gwaii, but in Prince Rupert and Vancouver as well. Mr. Armstrong believes the book will go into a third printing, probably in June or September, “but it’s perfectly fine with me if it happens earlier,” he said.Mr. Armstrong also had a message for readers “Thank you to everyone who’s been so interested in the book, obviously for me it’s about the money, but it’s very heartwarming that the book has taken off the way it has.”