Gwaii Haanas management plan released

  • Jul. 9, 2003 4:00 p.m.

The Archipelago Management Board – the four-member board which oversees Gwaii Haanas national park reserve and Haida heritage site – has released a brand-new 37-page management plan for the area.
According to the board, the plan will serve as the blueprint for managing Gwaii Haanas over the next 15 years. It contains information about how the national park reserve came to be created, and how it is co-managed by the federal government and the Council of the Haida Nation.
The plan describes a vision for the future of Gwaii Haanas: a wilderness area where eagles hunt, herring spawn, and sea lions feast, for the most part uninterrupted, observed by a handful of respectful humans.
According to the plan’s guiding principles, “the first consideration in any management decision will be to preserve the integrity of the ecosystem and the cultural heritage values.” Facilities will be kept to a minimum, visitors will be limited, and commercial harvesting for the most part not allowed. Management is also hoping for more public involvement in Gwaii Haanas planning processes, suggesting methods like meetings, presentations and surveys.