Gwaii Trust elections in January

  • Nov. 5, 2010 9:00 a.m.

The Gwaii Trust Society will be holding elections in January for directors to represent Sandspit and Central Graham Island for the next two-year term. The election, if required, will be held Jan. 15 in both communities, said Port administrator Heather Nelson-Smith, who will be organizing it. Nominations will open Nov. 30 and close Dec. 10. Port already has a by-election scheduled for Jan. 15 for a council position, so it made sense to hold the Gwaii Trust election at the same time, she said. Gwaii Trust administrator Errol Winter said it’s up to each community to come up with a process for choosing its representative on the Gwaii Trust board. Sandspit and Central Graham Island are the only two communities that hold elections. The other directors are appointed, although Queen Charlotte has recently said that it might want to change to an election process, he said.Copyright Haida Gwaii Observer 2010.