(Gwaii Trust Society)

(Gwaii Trust Society)

Gwaii Trust increases islanders’ education grants

Gwaii Trust recently boosted its continuing education grant to a maximum of $3,750 a year, up from $3,000.

At the same time, the grants are now available only to people who have lived on Haida Gwaii for two years, up from one year.

Haida Gwaii residents who are already off-island to take courses are exempt from the residency requirement.

Ten grants of up to $1,500 are also available to off-island students who come to Haida Gwaii study at a local post-secondary and demonstrate financial need.

For 2018, Gwaii Trust set aside a total of $400,000 for continuing education grants. They remain available until the budget is spent.

More details on the eligibility requirements are available on the Gwaii Trust website, but continuing education grants can be put toward courses at any recognized post-secondary institution and there are no age limits.

Grants are awarded after students have successfully completed a course, and may be awarded to students who fail a course but show they attended 95 per cent of all classes.

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