Haidabucks fame growing

  • Apr. 21, 2003 6:00 p.m.

Haidabucks in Masset may be the most famous restaurant in BC this week.
The popular cafe, which re-opened this weekend after a winter closure, is attracting international attention after giant coffee company Starbucks told it to stop using the name Haidabucks.
Willis Parnell, one of the cafe’s owners, said lots of supportive customers – as well as a BCTV news crew – were on hand Saturday for the re-opening.
The story of Haidabucks’ showdown with Starbucks has made newspapers and radio stations across Canada, in Starbucks’ hometown of Seattle and as far away as Australia.
Although Starbucks operates thousands of coffee bars around the world, none are located anywhere near Masset. Haidabucks’ owners say the “bucks” in their name refers to First Nations young men. Mr. Parnell said they were completely surprised last month to receive a letter from Starbucks ordering them to change the name, or face court action.
This week, the owners were waiting for another letter from Starbucks, Mr. Parnell said, before deciding what to do next. They have said they do not intend to change the name, but are concerned about the cost of fighting Starbucks in court, if it comes to that.