Harbour Days just great

  • May. 23, 2005 2:00 p.m.

What a great weekend, Jana McLeod writes from Masset. The weather was a wee bit temperamental but for the most part it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit of fun. Unfortunately I didn’t make the kick-off dance, the tickets sold out faster than hamburger on a Co-op sale day! The reports coming in were all very positive, the legion threw a really rip roaring party.
Of course we all know who won the triathlon again this year. Bruce Haralson, our world-class athlete breezed over the finish line first. I saw him and asked if he won again and his answer was “yeah, I got lucky again”, now to set that record straight I have to say the hard work aspect and the determined training may have something to do with it! Lesley Puley took the first for the ladies with Amanda Bedard coming in close behind her for the second. I’m sure the whole race was very challenging to all who took part. I have done it before but I haven’t had the heart to make the onlookers and cheering family members waste their evening waiting for me to show up to crawl over the line, I think the breaking point was being beat by a ten year old with a cast!
There certainly was enough to eat with all the different booths serving anything from shish kabobs to hamburgers. The barbeque at the church was well attended, and one of the most popular stands was the candy cotton one in the community hall.
The community hall had all anyone could ever ask for in both deals and unique handmade items available at the craft sale. I think the biggest surprise for me was the pictures you could get on the stage. The huge snake was hamming it up with the brave souls handling the reptile; my son was one of the lucky people to touch this apparently un-slimy soft creature. My three-year-old daughter wanted to “pack” this beast but there wasn’t anyone around strong enough to slap me over into unconsciousness so no go.
One place you could see people slapping one another over was the sumo-wrestling matches in front of the rec center. Hysterical doesn’t begin to describe the fights I witnessed. Luke Anderson was hilarious calmly walling around as if he was only wearing a heavy winter coat while Noel was bouncing for all he was worth to knock the teen over. I think it was tie but man it was so funny I think both people win. A mom and son grudge match between Lynne and David truly showed mom was boss! Watching people come out and get into the suits was almost as funny as seeing the bouts! A few of the kids were hopelessly hooked to that area with both the sumo and motorcycles rides there. Jericho Mendez spent a lot of time there even paying for four rides in advance!
The motorcycle rides did a booming business with anxious, excited awaiting passengers. Andy Ellis and Monty Stewart-Burton showed up to help out Mike Mcleod and John Hageman with the never-ending line up of biker enthusiasts of all ages. Andy with his smooth, slick quiet ride was a crowd favorite, as was Monty with the cushy seat, biker dog and all the bells and whistles attached to his half car half motorcycle fancy ride. Mike and John’s classic noisy, fast Harleys held their own too, with screaming laughing thrill seekers. One teen and I won’t mention names (initials A.S.) even broke a nail grabbing a hold! As of this moment I don’t have the name of the winner of the draw for the chopper bike, perhaps next week.
Being hooked to something with negative results is nothing to snicker at though. Smoking has to be the number one unhealthy addiction around. The proof surrounds us and yet we can be helpless to change it. Getting tools to take on this habit is easy come June 5. Be at the community hall beginning at 1 until 5. Along that line are the cancer societies fundraising endeavor of selling daffodils. Better get your order in to Marian soon. Call her at 626-3735. God Bless and take care!