Healthy communities group ready to post anti-drug sign in Masset

  • Jul. 8, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Submitted by Beryl Parke-Haida Gwaii Healthy Communities Society, Beryl Parke, Arnie Bellis and Brett Johnson have donated the money to have the first anti-drug campaign sign made to go up in Greater Massett Area. The sign reads: Haida Gwaii – Graham Island Community; Drug Free Zone, Just Say No, Drug Free is the Way to Be, Get High on Life – Not on Drugs, Up With Hope – Down With Dope.The purpose of the sign is to continue to bring awareness to the citizens of Greater Massett Area. The sponsors for the sign and the anti-drug campaign for the Masset area are aware that all the anti-drug campaigns across North America have shown greater successes with signs with catchy slogans. Children and adults remember the slogans and the message is imprinted on their minds – and they continue to spread the message to other citizens.The Anti-Drug Group for the Greater Massett area is hopeful that this sign and others to come will demonstrate the strength of community standing together and supporting this proactive campaign. The hope is to realize a healthier community. To be a community that supports positive change for both the dealers, and the users.The group wishes to mention that they are available to support all who are involved in the use and selling of illegal substances. For those selling, if they wish to make changes in their life, they can seek support from counsellors in the area -we can refer them to the counsellors. For those using the substances the same support is available. We need to work with both sides of this equation as it is about community and the dealers are community members who also may need support to quit selling. The dealers will experience financial change if they stop. There are people who can help them learn to live within a budget like all community members have to.The anti-drug signs are important to the positive changes community would like to see for the Greater Massett area. Currently the village of Masset has no bylaws against posting signs, however it appears even though we can put them up – the village can take them down. The anti-drug group of concerned citizens are hopeful that the village of Masset will not do this. The volunteers for this campaign will be meeting on Friday evening (July 11) at 7 pm in Masset at 1674 Main Street to go out and put up this sign. All those who are in support of this campaign are encouraged to come out. For more info you can contact Beryl Parke at (250) 626-7134.