HG Higher Education Society Final Symposium Friday

  • Apr. 8, 2013 7:00 p.m.

submitted by the society–12:00 noon – The future of forestry on Haida GwaiiI. The first talk by Cody, Mandy, and Alysha on, ‘The future of forestry: Second growth and silviculture’, will review the effectiveness of intensive, incremental silviculture strategies 20 years later. The group has examined experimental sites near Queen Charlotte to determine if the efforts made 20 years ago were worthwhile.II. In the talk ‘Learning the past and living the future: Cultural forests on Haida Gwaii’, Sarah, Lucy, Jessica, and Becca will describe a new teaching tool that can be used by primary schools to complement existing experiential learning and outdoor recreation programs on Haida Gwaii. The tool is a field guide meant to increase understanding of important Haida cultural values that are currently being managed for in our forests.III. Marina, Rhianna, and Rhiannon will talk about ‘Growing agroforesty initiatives on Haida Gwaii: Benefits, challenges, and feasibility’. The talk will examine barriers to integrating management of forest values on Haida Gwaii in the context of agroforestry.?1:45 – Intermission?2:00 – Energy and Haida GwaiiI. In their talk, ‘Blown away: NaiKun, community engagement, and ecosystem-based management’, Tess, Thomas, and Corey will consider the way infrastructure projects are planned on Haida Gwaii. Drawing from ecosystem-based management frameworks, the group will present a broad vision for project planning that they use to evaluate the case of NaiKun Wind.II. Jaymee, Miki, and Charlotta want to know how communities can bring about more positive environmental and social changes. In this research, they want to find out: ‘What can the Transition Town Movement tell us about the relationship between environmental values for energy and action on Haida Gwaii?’ They have focused on the case of New Zealand and have participated in meetings in Masset where the first steps in Transition Town are underway.III. Clark and Jeremy will present ‘A conceptual ‘greenprint’ for the Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay: Building a foundation and framework for energy conservation on Haida Gwaii’. Their presentation will consider the way energy is used at the centre. Drawing from information collected on the centre, research on green building technologies, and examples of green buildings elsewhere, the group will propose a framework for energy savings at the Heritage Centre.