Hikers summit Mount Moresby

  • Jul. 18, 2005 6:00 a.m.

Submitted by Tracy Morton-A sunny break in July’s wet weather greeted 15 intrepid hikers as we made our way up Mount Moresby. On Saturday, a group of hikers met for the Sierra Club’s third hike for the summer. We made our way carefully up the north slopes to a windy and foggy summit, following the trail set by Jim Henry and David Younger. After a very early start, we arrived back to Graham Island safe and sound on the 9 pm ferry, with stiff legs and grumbling bellies. Thanks to all those who came on the hike.
For the next two Saturdays, we will be having two more hikes. The first on July 23 will be the Dover Trail near Sandspit. The trail follows Haans creek then through a beautiful stand of old growth. Meet time is 10:30 am at the Queen Charlotte visitor centre to catch the 11 am ferry to Sandspit. This easy-to-moderate hike would be suitable for active families.
Then on July 30, we will hike the newly created Oldgrowth Floodplain Trail, created by Jason Shafto and Malcolm Hyatt last year. This unique nine kilometre trail explores a riparian stand of old growth in the Tlell floodplain. We will be meeting at 10 am at the Queen Charlotte visitor centre for a 10:30 start at the Tlell Firehall.
Please call the visitor centre at 559-8316 or info@qcinfo.com for more info or to register.