Holidays quiet for RCMP

  • Jan. 4, 2010 8:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte RCMP had a relatively quiet holiday season, with only one call on Christmas Day and one call on Boxing Day, says Sgt. Rob Knapton. Sgt. Knapton said the detachment received 23 calls between Dec. 21 and Jan. 4, including several about dogs harassing cyclists in the Miller Creek area, and one about dogs chasing children in Sandspit. On Dec. 21, someone found a wallet and turned it into the police, Sgt. Knapton said. Police located the owner and the wallet was picked up the next day. In the early morning hours of Jan. 3, police issued a 24-hour suspension to a driver with some intoxication who was sitting in a parked vehicle on Relax Road in Queen Charlotte. Sgt. Knapton said that 24-hour suspensions will be issued even if the person is not driving; the important thing is whether a person who has been drinking has the “care and control” of a vehicle. If they are in the front seat with the keys in their pocket, they have control of the vehicle, he explained. Police also received several calls in late December about an injured black bear in Queen Charlotte. Attempts to trap the bear were not successful and police killed the bear on Dec. 27 after receiving a call that it was roaming the 300 block of Second Avenue. Sgt. Knapton said the bear had become a safety concern. Sgt. Knapton commended the organizers of the Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve dances for doing a great job running these events, both of which went smoothly with no incidents. Overall, Sgt. Knapton said, the Queen Charlotte detachment received 876 calls for service during 2009. He hasn’t crunched the numbers yet to see exactly how this compares to 2008, but said this year’s number of calls has definitely decreased. He’ll be making a full report to the Queen Charlotte council at some point in the next couple of months.