Hospital Day all set for Saturday

  • Jun. 15, 2005 7:00 p.m.

Hospital Day volunteers are still searching for the first baby born in the new Queen Charlotte hospital building, which opened November 15, 1955 and celebrates its fiftieth year this weekend, Heather Ramsay writes.
“We found one born in September,” says Fran Fowler. She suspects Marvin Pearson may have been born in the new building, as a space is often operational before the official opening, but she and the other volunteers haven’t confirmed this yet.
Regardless of who was first, there’ll be two separate $50 draws for people born in the hospital-one for those before November 15, 1955 and one for those born after that date.
Anyone born in the Queen Charlotte or Masset hospitals are being asked to participate in the parade. Everyone else should at least wear a birthday party hat.
“Get out and take pride in where you were born,” encourages Ms. Fowler.
In keeping with the birthday theme, a decorated cake contest, where the public is the judge, will offer $100 to the most creative designs.
Children can participate in decorating 144 mini-birthday cakes too.
Ms. Fowler also suggests people don’t miss the Salmon and Lasagna Dinner organized by Kelly Vogstad. “Kelly caught the fish for it herself,” she says. The Community Singers will entertain diners.
Also new this year is the Asian lunch organized by the Filipino community. “It’s more than just chow mein,” says Ms. Fowler.
She says the remote control cars from Masset will be back this year and also from Masset are the Sumo wrestling costumes, so get out and tumble teens.
Ms Fowler also reminds people the 100th anniversary of the Queen Charlotte hospital and Hospital Day is coming up in 2008.
They have a website up at and are hoping to have invitations out to anyone who worked in the hospital over the years by then too.
“The 50th anniversary of the building has been a practice run for the 100th anniversary in a few years,” she says.