Hospital work moving forward

  • Oct. 11, 2013 6:00 a.m.

Work on the new south end hospital got going in earnest this week, as contractors started preparing the site behind the current hospital. The old clinic has been torn down, said Project Director Peter Kallos, and is now ” just a big, gaping hole.” Work will continue on the site once underbrush is removed and fencing installed. Mr. Kallos was on the island last week meeting with hospital staff members to fine-tune the interior space of the new hospital design, he said. “There have only been minor changes so far, which means the previous work was right, down to the location of their desks and workspaces for all the different departments.” The overall concept has remained pretty much as it was two years ago, he said, the only changes have been a matter of inches. “Every meeting we’re having is reinforcing that the decisions we made earlier are mostly correct.” The final drawing should be finished in October and after that the contractors, Bouygues Building Canada, will move forward with their final pricing and construction, said Mr. Kallos. The hospital project was announced last year and will cost up to $50 million dollars, the cost shared between the province and the North West Regional Hospital District.