Hot lunch program open to all

  • Mar. 14, 2007 9:00 a.m.

By Heather Ramsay-The baking powder biscuits go into the oven around 11:30 am every Tuesday at the Anglican Church in Old Massett to help provide a hot lunch to those in need.
Elizabeth Moore at the Haida Gwaii Legal Advocacy Services said she asked Reverend Lily Bell to start up the Sharing and Caring lunch program again after hearing reports of people in the community stealing food.
Rev. Bell had been running the lunches before but had taken a break from the initiative for some time.
Hot lunches have now been offered in the community since before Christmas and Rev. Bell said there are often 25 to 30 people attending.
“It is mainly for the down and out, but we welcome everyone,” she said.
Hot soups and chowders are prepared by and donated by members of the community.
“No matter how many or how few there are, we make sure food goes out to people in the community who need it,” she said.
This means taking food to the people, but it also means bringing people to the food.
Ms Moore said the local RCMP have been assisting with the lunches by picking up people in the Masset area and bringing them to the church.
Corporal Bob Isaacs said just before lunch a couple of officers do a spin around town to see if they can find anyone who does not get a lot of good meals.
The officers offer them a ride to the church and stay for lunch themselves.
Ms Moore said there is a community need for this initiative, but the initiative also needs community support. She let people at a recent Safer Community meeting know that the program could use more volunteers and supplies. She is also looking into applying to Gwaii Trust.