How would you vote on incorporation? We asked

  • Jan. 24, 2005 4:00 p.m.

With a referendum on incorporation for Queen Charlotte and Skidegate Landing likely to be held in April, we thought it might be interesting to ask residents what they think. This is not a poll and makes no claim to being scientifically accurate in any sense. But our survey is, we think you’ll agree, interesting.
We conducted it mostly by telephone, and we also talked to several people on the streets of Queen Charlotte Friday afternoon. All in all, we talked to just over seventy people, all residents of the area in question, all eligible to vote.
Our question was simple: if a referendum on incorporation were held tomorrow, would you vote yes or no?

o 26 people told us they would vote no
o 21 said they would vote yes.
o 6 said they either had no opinion or didn’t care,
o 7 said they did not have enough information to make a decision,
o 9 were undecided and 4 refused to participate, one who did so by saying he was not awake yet, despite it be well past 11 am!

All in all, our unscientific survey shows that it’s going to be a horse race. If you add together those without enough information with those who are undecided, you get a total of 16, more than enough to determine the result if most go one way.
Anyway, the process is really just starting; there will be several public meetings and information sessions before the vote which is likely on Saturday April 9. And who knows, the Observer may do one or more surveys similar to this one. Don’t go away!