Husby, Old Massett in joint venture logging operation

  • Feb. 23, 2005 10:00 a.m.

By Heidi Bevington–Husby Forest Products Ltd. and the Old Massett Village Council will be collaborating to harvest 95,000 cubic metres of timber from 17 cut blocks south and southeast of Masset, starting this fall.
Seven of the blocks follow the highway south of Masset beginning at Camp Point to just south of Drizzle Lake. Another four are south of Masset and east of the highway around the Delkatla Mainline logging road and the remaining six are south east of Masset.
The band will be involved in all aspects of harvesting. The project is a “sizeable joint venture, though not large,” said Husby Vice-President Bob Brash. “It will give the OMVC a chance to work with Husby and the forest industry in a transparent way, and be directly involved in harvesting.”
The company is under some pressure from the Ministry of Forest to cut this volume of timber before December 2006. It originally planned to cut it during its last five year cut control period, but for a variety of reasons, didn’t, said Mr. Brash. Husby asked to carry the volume forward into the present cut control period, and the ministry agreed.
After getting ministry approval last summer, the company and Old Massett reached an agreement to develop a business relationship, which they signed in October.The agreement is public, said Mr. Brash, and anyone can read a copy, available at the OMVC office.
The next step is to find an area to harvest and amend the company’s forest development plan, said Mr. Brash. 20 blocks in the Masset area have been identified but they “represent a greater volume and area than we would ever need,” said Mr. Brash. “The blocks will get chiselled down to the necessary volume after public input and discussion.”
Because of the general location where Husby and OMVC propose to log, Mr. Brash anticipates considerable discussion.
If the process remains on schedule, the logging will begin in this fall. Six engineers are working in the area now, and when logging begins, Mr. Brash anticipates 20 direct jobs will be created that will last about one year.
The plan and map of the proposed forest amendment is available at the district forestry office in Queen Charlotte. Written comments should be forwarded to Husby at 6425 River Road, Delta BC V4K 5B9, Attention: Bob Brash.