Hydro awaits results of Saturday’s cable test

  • Sep. 10, 2013 1:00 p.m.

BC Hydro is waiting for results from the submarine cable testing that was done on Saturday, says community relations coordinator Dave Mosure. The testing required an all-day power outage that affected Queen Charlotte, Skidegate and Tlell. Although the power came back on about an hour earlier than expected, most businesses had to close for the day. The testing was expected to reveal whether the 40-year-old submarine cables that carry power from Moresby Island to Graham Island must be replaced, or whether they can be rejuvenated. BC Hydro does not yet know the answer to that question, Mr. Mosure said. “BC Hydro is currently awaiting results from Saturday’s cable testing,” he said. “The rejuvenation or replacement of the submarine cables between Moresby and Graham islands will help to ensure the reliable supply of electricity to the communities of Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate and Tlell.”