Hydro contributes $4,400 to communities on the islands

  • Nov. 14, 2003 1:00 p.m.

Submitted by BC Hydro-BC Hydro has contributed $5,000 to several organizations on the islands recently. In addition to a Ford pickup worth $15,000 to the Masset Volunteer Fire Department, BC Hydro has also provided funding to the following organizations:
·$500 to the Chown Brook Salmon Enhancement Group. For the past 18 years, this group of volunteers has been counting the number of juvenile Coho going downstream in the spring and the adult Coho returning to spawn at their fish fence. The fish fence is in poor condition. A major upgrade to the wooden frame is required as well as the construction of an aluminum adult pen.
·$400 to the Tlell Watershed Society. This volunteer organization was created in 1993. It’s dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Tlell Watershed in perpetuity, ecological principles and the importance of the ecosystem based management and long term comprehensive
planning. They approached BC Hydro for a donation towards their environmental education program. The money will be used to create hiking trails, promoting nature hikes, presenting nature programs and website development.
·$1,000 to the Delkatla Sanctuary Society. This charity works to protect and enhance the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and the natural world through education and public awareness. They work to assist the well-being of the islands through enhancing and encouraging tourism, providing a comfortable, informational space to learn of the natural history of Haida Gwaii and raising the level of awareness relating to wildlife and wildlife habitat. Money donated will be used to develop nature displays, hands-on displays and information displays for the nature centre.
·$1,000 to Hecate Strait Streamkeepers. This is a community-based group dedicated to promoting healthy streams and riparian ecosystems throughout the islands. Hundreds of hours of volunteer time are given annually by members and partner groups working to improve the fish habitat. Money will be used in the construction of two off-channel rearing sites and instream restoration to increase channel complexity, enhance sediment storage capacity and spawning areas. This project is intended to provide immediate benefits for spawning and rearing salmonids through the increased quality and quantity of habitat. In addition, the proposed off-channel development adjacent to the lower east side of the Honna River will be very accessible to three schools in the local communities. This site will become incorporated into their ongoing field trip program and will result in valuable educational opportunities for both students and community leaders.
·$1,500 to Old Massett Village Council for the Hiellen Interpretation Site. The islands community uses the Hiellen area for food gathering, cedar bark and spruce-root gathering, picnicking and beachcombing. With the high number of tourists that visit the area, the council wants the opportunity to share their culture and educate visitors on the significance of historic Hiellen village. Money donated by BC Hydro will be used to design and implement exhibits and to purchase exhibit show cases.
“BC Hydro is pleased to contribute to these worthy community organizations and projects,” said Charmane Edwards, Community Relations Coordinator, “These projects are an excellent fit with BC Hydro’s environmental and social business objectives and BC Hydro would like to congratulate everyone involved for the contribution they are making to enhance the community and environment. BC Hydro is pleased to assist them in their efforts,” she said.