Improvements coming at Canada Post

  • Feb. 17, 2010 3:00 p.m.

Canada Post has admitted that serving the islands by ferry is not working as smoothly as it should be, and is making a couple of changes. In a letter to the village of Port Clements, which has complained several times over the past year and a half about poor mail service, Canada Post president Moya Greene says from now on, Canada Post will bring all government services cheques to the islands by air during the winter months. However, she also said this plan is dependent on weather conditions and there being capacity available with the airline. The second change is that in cases when the ferry has been delayed for more than 24 hours and it’s not clear when the next scheduled sailing will be, all letters and courier items waiting in Vancouver will be taken to the islands by air, if possible. Again, this plan depends on weather and airline capacity. Ms Greene also reminded the village that delivery standards for the islands are six business days for letters from within BC and eight business days from other provinces. Port council members said they were happy to hear of the changes, especially the speedier delivery of government cheques. But they said huge problems remain. Many seniors receive pension cheques from sources other than government, said councillor Wally Cheer, and they will still be facing the slowed delivery that’s been a reality for islanders since Canada Post started using the ferry instead of Air Canada in September 2008. Also, neither of the changes announced by Canada Post affects mail going out from the islands, meaning that, for example, those who use the mail to deposit cheques will also continue to deal with six to 10-day delays, councillors said. Council voted to write back to Ms Greene, saying it appreciated Canada Post’s efforts and is looking forward to more improvements. “We should give them a small pat on the back,” said mayor Cory Delves.