International Women’s Day 2008: Strong Women, Strong World

  • Mar. 7, 2008 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Nathan Cullen, NDP MP–Saturday “is International Women’s Day and I encourage women and men across the northwest to join with people around the world in using this day as a rallying point in the fight against the barriers women continue to face in achieving equality.Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day this year is Strong Women, Strong World. It’s also a strong theme for me personally and, I’m proud to say, for federal New Democrats. The NDP believes that women’s equality is fundamental to life in Canada and in the world. We are committed to achieving this equality in every walk of life – from the make-up of the House of Commons, to pay equity, to childcare. We know strong women help build strong societies and a strong world. Just look at the critical roles that women, historically and today, play as leaders, policy-makers, caregivers, educators, and international peacemakers. Nearly 90 years ago women got the vote and nearly 80 years ago they were legally recognized as ‘persons’. Since then many other important battles have been won for women’s rights. But recently women have been losing ground in their fight for equality here in Canada as Conservative and Liberal governments in Ottawa have wrongly cut programs and stepped back on women’s issues.Women deserve better. I will continue to work hard with the NDP caucus (at 41%, the highest percentage of female MPs of any party in the House) to regain lost ground and make lasting, progressive gains for women and their families.Strong women mean a strong world. That’s something we all deserve.”