Internet gambling idea pursued in Queen Charlotte

  • Nov. 17, 2003 10:00 a.m.

Vicki Ives of the Queen Charlotte Management Committee is investigating gambling as a way to pay for community recreation facilities.
The town where Ms Ives sister lives, Kenaston, Sask., pop. 300, has a pool, retirement home, hockey rink and curling rink. When Ms Ives asked how on earth the town pays for all of this, she learned that the whole town works to operate an annual hockey pool called the ‘Super Draft’ on the internet. For $40 dollars anyone can pick a virtual team of 30 players. As the hockey season progresses, the players are assigned points according to their actual play on the ice. The person who’s chosen team accumulates the most points wins the prize.
In Saskatchewan this is quite legal, but Ms Ives isn’t sure if the same thing can be done in BC. When she called the gaming commission, she was told only a non-profit organization could operate gaming in BC. So now, she’s hoping a non-profit organization will work with her to investigate the possibility.
If anyone’s interested in pursuing this possibility, please leave a message for Ms Ives at the management committee office 559-4765.