Islander to paint giant mural in Tumbler Ridge

  • Jul. 28, 2006 12:00 p.m.

Islands artist Manzanita Snow has landed an off-island commission to paint a gigantic mural at the Tumbler Ridge Museum and Dinosaur Centre.
Ms Snow left the islands Friday (July 28) and said she expects to spend three to five weeks in Tumbler Ridge, near Chetwynd in northeastern BC.
She’ll be working with a local artist on the 80-foot long mural on the side of the museum building. The mural will feature dinosaurs whose fossils and footprints have been found in the area, including ankylosaurus, the turtle-shaped dinosaur with a clubbed tail. In fact, the museum’s unofficial mascot is “Delores the Ankylosaurus”.
Ms Snow said that in contrast to her usual fantastical style, the museum mural will be scientifically accurate. The two artists will be working from illustrations prepared by experts, she said.
The Gwaii Trust played a role in Ms Snow’s blossoming mural painting career. Thanks to the trust’s arts endowment fund, Ms Snow was able to spend time in Chemainus on Vancouver Island a couple of years ago, studying the art of mural painting intensively.
Since then, she’s painted several murals on the islands. She also continues to draw weekly cartoons for the Observer, and her fans will be happy to hear that she’ll be sending them in long distance while she’s working in Tumbler Ridge.