Islander wants compensation over ferry sinking

  • Oct. 6, 2006 1:00 p.m.

A Queen Charlotte businessman wants islanders who have been hurt financially by the ferry sinking to band together and demand compensation from Ferries.
“That ferry sinking really, really hurt,” Jack Greenwood of Rainbows Gallery in Queen Charlotte told the Observer on Wednesday. “Our business is down to 25 percent of last year. We are down 75-percent from a bad year last year. Now we’ve got to try to survive and wait till next year comes,” he said.
Mr. Greenwood says the government money spent so far to help has been inadequate.
“The government gave us a big wad of money. Prince Rupert used it all up in the goddamn fishing derby,” he said.
Mr. Greenwood is calling on islanders-business owners and individuals-to get in touch with him.
“We can start a class action suit or we can say ‘hey, we want compensation'”, he said. “If we can get everybody to send in what they have lost, you got a figure. And we say, OK, pay the islands. You caused the problems, it wasn’t my fault. I don’t want to go bankrupt because of your bloody ferry sinking. That’s not fair.”
He says his plan will have “total success” if enough people get involved. “The more people the better,” he said.
You can reach Mr. Greenwood at Box 480, Queen Charlotte V0T 1S0 or call him at 559-8420