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Islanders heard on child welfare changes

Islanders voiced their concerns about changes to child welfare services early this month during meetings with reps of the North Region Child and Family Community Planning Committee.
The committee travelled here to follow up on its visit last December and the consultation report issued earlier this year. Nine community members attended the public meeting in Masset, and 14 attended a similar meeting in Queen Charlotte.
"Overall, they felt the reports were accurate. People are concerned about how their voice will be heard by the future board. They are concerned that there be a community and organizational structure to hear ensure clear communication," says Rob Rail, of the committee.
"If the islands can't have a board member they would like one board member assigned as a community liaison to the islands so islanders concerns don't get forgotten," says Mr. Rail. "People are concerned about the changes to the service delivery system, and want a voice in the shift to a new organizational structure."
"People are apprehensive, but if we pay attention to their concerns then we can move toward positive change," says Mr. Rail.

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