Islanders to be hired as rescue workers

  • May. 21, 2003 12:00 p.m.

The Coast Guard will be hiring four islanders to work as rescue specialists at its new station now being built in Sandspit.
The Coast Guard has a three step hiring process, says operations manager George Horel. The applicants have gone through the initial screening and the written test. Those who passed the written test will be interviewed on June 9.
“Our intention would be to do the hiring in mid-summer,” says Mr. Horel. After being hired, each successful applicant will have a training program designed for them depending on what skills they already have, he says.
The rescue specialists are required to have advanced first aid, but some of the applicants already have industrial first aid or paramedic training and may not require much additional training. They must also be able to drive the boats, but some of the applicants belong to the Coast Guard auxiliary and may not need the training.
Two crews of four people each will be employed in alternating shifts at the new coast guard station. Each crew will have an officer in charge, an engineer and two rescue specialists. The coast guard will hire the officers and engineers internally because no qualified islanders applied for these positions.
The coast guard plans to have the station fully operational by December, Mr. Horel says.