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Issues discussed at QC committee

Queen Charlote management committee members discussed water, sewer, parking and transportation issues at their April 16 meeting.
Air Canada's decision to schedule only one flight to the islands during the busy summer season will inconvenience both islanders and tourists, said chairman Ron McKee. He suggested the committee bring the issue to the attention of the Minister of Transport. Area F Director Carol Kulesha said it might not be a productive use of time. The ministry took two years to respond to her complaint about Air Canada's fare increase in 2001, she said. Mr. McKee decided he would research the islands' passenger and freight requirements to see if community needs are being met by the airlines before making any formal complaint.
Eric Ross told the committee he had delivered a letter to RCMP Cpl. Sheila White requesting no parking zones at the fisheries building corner opposite the community hall.
Mr. Ross also told the committee the Skidegate Band is considering the installation of a sewer system, and he thinks the committee should contact the band by letter to see if the two communities could cooperate on a joint sewer treatment plant. Ms Kulesha agreed it was a good idea, but pointed out that research done a few years ago said a sewer line to Skidegate Landing would cost $1.5-million. Mr. McKee said he would speak to Chief Councillor Willard Wilson first before writing.
Ms Kulesha updated the committee on the closure of the Esso marine fuel dock. She and Mr. McKee met with Esso representatives who remain firm on their decision to close the dock because the company is unwilling to spend the $1.5-millionthey say it would cost to upgrade. However, Matt Ravlic will supply marine fuel at the Charlotte floats using a tanker truck, so the community will not completely lose access to marine fuel.
Ms Kulesha also said Queen Charlotte will likely not get money for a water metering system from the Canada Provincial Infrastructure grant. Ms Kulesha suggested the committee analyze its financial reserves and create a plan to install meters. The meters can be installed in stages if necessary. She also suggested the committee meet with the Gwaii Trust to ask for help.