It’s ‘Dahayghen’

  • Jan. 31, 2003 9:00 a.m.

Say Dahayghen, not Tahayghen.
That’s the message Tahayghen elementary students will be bringing home to their parents and out to the islands community, as the school district adopts a more Haida-like pronunciation of the school’s name.
“It’s a grass roots approach that won’t cost a thing,” said superintendent Mike Woods at the Jan. 28 school board meeting held at Tahayghen adding that he consulted with the Old Massett Village Council and the Haida education group about the change.
Tahayghen school, which opened 1970, was named for Charles Edenshaw, Chief Tahayghen.
The actual Haida spelling is Daxiigan, with the “x” making an “h” sound. The district does not intend to change the spelling of Tahayghen, only the pronunciation.
“The elders will be happy to have it changed,” said Old Massett trustee Margaret Edgars.