It’s safe boating awareness week

  • May. 19, 2010 8:00 p.m.

In recognition of Safe Boating Week, the Masset RCMP remind those who head out on to the water in canoes, kayaks, fishing boats or personal watercraft of five simple best practices that ensure your trip will be a round trip.Wear a Coast Guard approved life-jacket or personal flotation device that fits and is in good shape.Don’t drink and boat – not only is it unsafe, it is illegal.Take a boating course from an accredited provider – by taking a boating course you will pick up important knowledge and skills that can be invaluable both in normal and emergency situations.Be prepared and ensure that your boat is well maintained. Over 90 percent of the calls for assistance involve mechanical breakdowns and many of those involve running out of gas.Be mindful of the danger of cold water immersion and hypothermia. Cold water can kill. The waters around Haida Gwaii remain cold well into boating season so dress appropriately and don’t engage in dangerous activities such as standing up in smaller craft.To celebrate Safe Boating Week, the public is invited to our the RCMP vessel Inkster which will be docked in Masset during Harbour Days. Come on out and take in this community event!