Junior rangers, a great new program

  • Mar. 8, 2004 8:00 a.m.

A new program for young people, boys and girls aged 12-17 has just begun in Masset. Junior Rangers is a program set up for young people who live in isolated parts of Canada to give them fun things to do as well as to teach them important skills. A number of First Nations communities are using the program, although it is not exclusively for First Nations.
The objective is to give our kids some fun activities to do while they also learn a variety of skills; Ranger skills, traditional skills and life skills. Ranger skills are things like map reading, outdoor survival, knot tying and some drill. The traditional skills and life skills are 2/3 of the program and are whatever the kids and the adult volunteers decide is important or interesting. It could be how to cook spaghetti, how to catch and clean a fish, how to weave a basket, how to balance a cheque book or how to organize an event that benefits the community. There will also be plenty of playing of games and having fun with friends in a safe, supervised atmosphere. We hope to do some camping.
The Ranger skills will be taught by Rangers, but the rest will be taught by people in the community who volunteer to come out and help pass on knowledge to the next generation. Our young people really need and would appreciate those who come to share their experience with them. Do not be shy. Please step forward !
Youngsters who join will be given a hooded sweatshirt, matching trousers and a cap as a uniform. We are meeting on Sunday evenings at 7:00 in various locations depending on the activities. There are already ten kids from Old Massett and Masset taking part. If you or your child are interested, please contact Sandra Dan 626-3999, Louise 6260-3193, Sandi MacLeod 626-3478 or Steve Grawbarger 626- 3731. Kids can call and ask about it too but need parental permission to join.